Upset Stomach for Pets Could Be Harmful or Something Easily Explained

Being a new pet owner is tough! In some cases, issues are well explained and can be figured out on its own. But other times, you can’t really be sure where the problem started or how it will effect your pet. Problems like diarrhea can be caused by something as simple as the food the pet it eating, but it can also be something more serious.

I recently became a new pet owner. Benji and I had a bond the moment we saw each other and I couldn’t resist my dog’s face as soon as I saw him at the shelter! I brought him home and got him used to the surroundings and for the first week, he was a perfect dog. After a couple of weeks, I noticed that Benji was starting to lay around more and ate less. I started to get worried and took him to the vet.

The vet asked me the typical questions on what he has been eating, did the shelter mention anything about his past health, or has be had any past problems like diarrhea, being lethargic, throwing up, or anything else. To my knowledge, he hadn’t had past issues but he did have some diarrhea issues before not wanting to eat anything. The vet then asked me what was Benji’s diet like before at the shelter and now with me. I explained to him that he had wet pet food at the shelter and now I give him a specific brand of dry food. The vet then said “Ah! That’s the problem then!”

Benji was dealing with an upset GI tract. His body was so used to the went food that without easing him into the dry food it made him upset and sick. Mt vet suggested that I get a few cans of wet food and see if he will eat that. If he resumes normal eating, the next time I feed him, give him a little dry food with it. Then keep adding more dry food with less wet food. He explained that introducing the dry food in stages helps get animals used to it and makes the transition from one food to the other better for the pet. It also keeps the animal’s GI tract from becoming upset and causing problems like diarrhea, upset stomach, and vomiting.

I went home after that and gave Benji some wet food and he went back to eating and started to feel better. I did start to transition him from wet to dry food as the vet described and Benji switched with no issues! I am lucky it wasn’t anything more serious and just an upset stomach!